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Best Asset Capital

We have built our reputation on reliability and exceptional service. Best Asset Capital was founded with a drive to change how person-to-person business is done and level the playing field for both sides of a transaction. By leveraging technology and traditional banking solutions, Best Asset Capital provides TRUST to both parties.

Expert Witness

We are among the few who qualify as experts in industry. While this is a distraction from our escrow business, we recognize the need of those who have been seriously aggrieved.

Title Perfection

For a variety of reasons, it is not uncommon for someone to own a property/asset without having perfected title. Remaining in this situation poses a risk. In addition, it could delay the subsequent resale or refinance of the property/asset


We offer consulting before the fact, to those wishing to purchase or sell a property/asset. We can assist with clarification of contracts and other documentation to assure that all is in order before you enter into a legally binding agreement. This can prevent many unforeseen problems. It is better to get the facts before signing.